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ARC's Disciplined 10 Factor Research Checklists Have Multiple
ive Risk/Return Dimensions

  • Should we trust issuer quality ratings?
  • Not recommended
  • How do guaranty association rules differ?
  • By state and by contract-type
  • How can monitoring be done properly?
  • Proper peer group analysis critical
Policy Questions: 
Accumulation, near retirement, or all three?
       1) Segment annuity solutions into categories

       2) Be intentional about life stages to solve for

       3) D
ocument all decisions


Risk Control  |  Cost Control  |  Reliability of performance.

Every annuity contract reflects unique risk/return characteristics.

We help fiduciaries evaluate the tradeoffs relative​ to the proper benchmark universe for each product category.

SPIA Platforms

Single Premium Immediate Annuities have been around a long time.

They're commonly used by defined benefit plans to de-risk.

Several platforms are available to help consumers comparison-shop.

We do the same -- including providing research on the different platforms themselves!


SPIA Liquidity Study

It's a myth that all SPIAs are illiquid.

Our goal is to bring awareness to this by researching the different options, and what they cost. 

Individual Product Catalogue

Our research category includes annuities of all shapes and sizes.

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