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At ARC We Execute Prudent Process to Satisfy

Fiduciary Duty

The UPIA states:

"The tradeoff in all investing between risk and return is identified as the fiduciary's central consideration."


ARC's philosophy begins with the idea there is no perfect retirement income strategy or product; there are only tradeoffs.


This is especially challenging for

We specialize in helping Boards meet the ERISA
Safe Harbor 404(e) for "Objective,

Thorough and Analytical."

From Bill Sharpe, Nobel Laureate...

"Risk pooling is a relatively simple concept, but it is useful to see how well it can work when longevity risk is concerned".  - RISMAT, 2017

Trustees should understand "the why" of annuities. 

Risk markets are suboptimal for guaranteed expenses.

Risk Tolerance questionnaires are unstable.

Statistics are unreliable. 

We can help with this too.

Plan costs are important to control and consultants 

have helped clients manage them in recent years.

Isn't it time we also investigated secure decumulation features

as options in 401(k) plan design?

We can help advisors guide plan trustees
and participants to consider annuities
as useful tools for managing longevity risk
in an objective way.


"Changing The Retirement Advice Conversation

“Best practices for managing the risk of outliving one’s savings
should not differ due to the business model of the person
you happen to meet with. It’s hard to dispute that a client is best served
when all prudent ideas from academics and institutional thought leaders
are inside their adviser’s toolbox."  - The Open Architecture 2020 Group*


ARC's process begins with assessing the Board's objectives, participant demographics and educational needs.


We guide Trustees toward a solution that best solves the decumulation problem from their perspective, and then provide a deep dive on individual products and solutions.

Our proprietary due diligence checklist includes 10 key risk factors evaluating tradeoffs relative to the proper benchmark universe for each product.

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